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(English) Corporations desire to hear their customer complaints…or do they? We take a close look at ways companies use technology to raise the drawbridge on customers. Technology barriers exist for many reasons; some are good and some are bad. Automated customer service systems can speed up the support process for customers while cutting costs for businesses. But when they are designed to slow customers down, they risk becoming a "technology moat": an intentional obstacle to make customers think twice before proceeding. In this article, you will learn the difference between technology moats and dark patterns and how to spot them. [阅读详情]

(English) Best Practices for Asian Language Site Localization

(English) Localizing your site for Asia may mean a radically different design, brand-new elements, or country-specific SEO. [阅读详情]


西方和亚洲地区之间的文化差异会影响客户对服务故障的看法。了解这些差异会对您的业务产生很大影响。 [阅读详情]


旅程图是一种很强大的工具,有助于界定复杂的用户环境、征得用户和利益相关者的认可,并提高解决问题的能力。 [阅读详情]


在线学习的新理念既包括设计教育,又包括教育设计。全新的教育体验包括跨学科教学和探索学习。 [阅读详情]


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今天对无形体验的关注,意味着设计者要寻求新的方式与组织进行合作。服务设计将以人为中心的设计理念与组织的操作和处理能力紧密结合在一起 [阅读详情]