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(English) Truth telling for businesses about valuing Customer Experience (Book Review)

Delta CX

(English) A review of Delta CX. An introduction to the Delta Customer Experience model that uses methods and techniques to help companies be truly customer-focused. Delta CX explains how companies can invest in the right resources to build and design the right product services and experiences that customers actually want and will use. The book provides a lens through which it examines and evaluates the trends in the UX industry and provides tips on how companies can focus on providing quality with the right strategy, people and processes. [阅读详情]

纳入“Jobs to Be Done”(待完成工作)框架

对 Jim Kalbach 所著“The Jobs to Be Done Playbook”(待完成工作手册) […] [阅读详情]


如果仅仅按照一套固定不变的要求来交付项目,而没有停下来反思,以求获得清晰远见,那么就必定会丧失洞察力并扼杀创造力。 [阅读详情]


产品设计通常侧重于通过推出新功能和提升标准指标来实现渐进式创新。要打造带有深厚情感联系的产品,我们不仅要考虑功能,还要考虑象征意义。 [阅读详情]


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Ben Shneiderman 撰写的《研究的新基本知识:实现突破性协作》(The New ABCs of Research: Achieving Breakthrough Collaboration) 书评。把应用研究、基础研究结合于实践的新模型。 [阅读详情]

《玻璃之笼:自动化与我们》(The Glass Cage: Automation and Us)(书评)

尼古拉斯•卡尔 (Nicholas Carr.) 所著《玻璃之笼》一书的书评。随着世界的自动化程度越来越高,设计师可以保证喜悦并不会消失。 [阅读详情]