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Tags are keywords, identifying topics of the article content.

  • They appear in a tag cloud on the home page.
  • They are also displayed next to the article as a link that launches a search for all articles with the same tag. (Spelling counts!)
  • All articles must have at least one tag.

Choosing tags

Start from the full list of tags currently in use.

Consider: UX disciplines, research methods, types of product or information format, mobile devices, business of UX, audience groups, region or country, industry.


  • Tag concepts that connect articles across different terminology used in the content.
  • Words or phrases that are very specific may be better handled in search.
  • Use the lookup lists find existing tags to avoid multiple spellings or close variants

Do not:

  • Do not “overtag” – keep the tags meaningful.
  • Do not tag people’s names or company names.
  • Do not tab brand names

Special tags

  • Español  – Any article fully translated into Spanish
  •  – Rubes Cartoons (duplicates category “Rubes Cartoon”)
  • Editors’s Note – the Editor’s Note for the issues (duplicates category “Editor’s Note”)
  • UXPA – Articles about UXPA, including Editor’s Notes