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Book reviews are all formatted consistently.

  • The title of the review is not the same as the book title
  • The author is the is the author of the book review
  • The review article starts with the book cover and details.

Book Cover Illustrations

Cover image used in the review article

  • Image size: scale covers so the WIDTH is 150px
  • File name: Cover-authorlast-name-of-book.jpg
  • Caption: Blank
  • Alt Text: Book Cover
  • Alignment: Left
  • Link to: None

Featured images are 145px by 105px, with the full book cover centered in the image


The format is consistent: the first line identifies the book being reviewed. A short (8-10 word) sentence sums up the review conclusion.

A review of <b>Title</b> by Author Name.
Some short summary fitting in the 25 word limit.

Article opening

The article starts with the book cover inserted on the left, with the following information next to it marked as a <H3>

  • A review of
  • Book Title
  • By Author Name
  • Publisher, YYYY

Include the book cover in all of the language versions.

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