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디지털 및 마케팅 자산관리에 대해 UX 개발자가 알아야 하는 것은 무엇일까요? (서평)

Theresa Regli 저, “디지털 및 마케팅 자산관리”에 대한 서평 디지털 마케팅에 종사하고 있거나 관심이 있는 UX 개발자들을 위한 통찰과 조언. [자세히 읽기]

(English) Zooming In and Zooming Out: Real-life Customer Experience Research

(English) Evolving our customer-centric tools forms the basis for mutual understanding and challenges us to find the optimal moments for integration. [자세히 읽기]

(English) From Good to Great: Blending Market Research and Usability Methods for Online Marketing Effectiveness

(English) Measuring quality means knowing definitively that your online product will meet clearly defined business objectives and finding the right tools to measure against those objectives. [자세히 읽기]

(English) The View from Here: Jazz Brand

(English) Brand-building is aligning the design of customer touch points with business strategy. Alignment is created by asking for collaboration among all the specialists working on the brand. [자세히 읽기]

(English) Matters of Life and Death (Issue 4.3)

Magazine cover

(English) From living wills to managing your UX business, global UX and e-learning websites. (Articles available in PDF format) [자세히 읽기]