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Changemakers: Designing Transformation (Book Review)

A review of Changemakers by Maria Giudice and Christopher Ireland describes an indispensable guide for leaders to drive organizational transformation effectively. This book offers essential wisdom, actionable insights, and strategies for meaningful innovation and change in the modern world. Discussions include why it’s beneficial to address challenges as design problems and see through the design…
Life and Death Design Cover

How To Be A UX Hero (Book Review)

A review of Life and Death Design by Katie Swindler describes a book on how UX practitioners can utilize research in neuroscience to better develop life-saving products. Topics include physiological analyses of stress responses, the role of human intuition in problem-solving, and tips on how user interfaces can inspire perseverance and action.
Jennifer Hunsecker

How to Think Like a UX Expert (Book Review)

[greybox] A review of Think Like a UX Researcher: How to Observe Users, Influence Design, and Shape Business Strategy by David Travis and Philip Hodgson Book Website   Publisher: CRC Press 306 pages, 6 chapters About this book A good reference for Methods/How-To Primary audience: Researchers, designers, and technical roles who are new…