Articles by Mike Katz

Photo of MikeMike Katz leads the UX Research team at Groupon. Prior to working at Groupon, he held technical and leadership research positions at eBay and Yahoo! Mike is passionate about integrating the voice of the customer into product and strategic decisions.

Encuesta de Max Diff: Informar el diseño, impulsar la estrategia y facilitar la colaboración

Las encuestas Max Diff responden preguntas de diseño e impulsan la dirección estratégica. El enfoque cooperativo invita a los miembros del equipo a sentir responsabilidad por los resultados. [Leer más]

(English) Engaging Users in Product Design: Bridging the Gap from Insight to Strategy

image of notes from joint design meeting

(English) More researchers should partner with their users in targeted research and design activities to help bridge the gap between insight and strategy. [Leer más]