Articles by Saurabh Dutta

Saurabh Dutta is the director of user experience team at Rapid7. He’s worked in design and usability domains across physical and virtual products for over 14 years. Saurabh has published papers and presented at various usability conferences, including UXPA, HFES, AHFE, and HCII. Twitter: @saurabhdutta

From Dark Patterns to Angel Patterns: Creating Trustworthy User Experience

A users' trust is easily lost, but we can use the same elements that build confidence in our daily lives to inform trust-building design patterns [Read More]

Go Holistic: Assess the Maturity of Your Organization Via the Customer Experience

Industry leaders focus on the big picture: the end-to-end customer journey or experience. Here’s how to gauge the level of CX development in your organization. [Read More]