Articles by Saurabh Dutta

Saurabh Dutta is the director of user experience team at Rapid7. He’s worked in design and usability domains across physical and virtual products for over 14 years. Saurabh has published papers and presented at various usability conferences, including UXPA, HFES, AHFE, and HCII. Twitter: @saurabhdutta


用户信任极易丧失,但是我们可以将在日常生活中建立自信的相同元素运用在建立信任的设计模式中。 [阅读详情]


行业领导者通常关注大局:端到端客户历程或体验。这篇文章讲述如何衡量贵组织的客户体验开发水平。 [阅读详情]