Articles about Data

(English) Tor Browser: Changing How You Access the Internet

Letterboxing allows users to change their window size and still protects them from being tracked.

(English) Get a sense of users' expectation mismatch when using a privacy-first browser versus how the browser needs to work to protect privacy. [阅读详情]

(English) Games UX Testing with Artificial Intelligence

Example map of a game level featuring fenced in green space with buildings, trees, rocks, and so on. There are colored lines depicting the paths each AI-agent has taken and their engagements with point of interest (such as enemies and collectables).

(English) Game developers gain insights from working on projects that use game evaluation tools supported by artificial intelligence. [阅读详情]

Supporting Mainframe Data Compliance: A UX Approach

Build user knowledge and apply UX principles to improve user decision-making and data identification to ensure mainframe data compliance. [阅读详情]


Are designers the key to closing the trust gap? They might be. This article showcases the practicalities of how. [阅读详情]


One-month calendar with list of times showing for chosen date.

This article discusses the challenges faced, the importance of UX research, and the research process in the Indian manufacturing industry in the era of the Internet of Things. [阅读详情]


聊天机器人是一种有效的工具,可以自动与研究参与者进行交流。了解如何构建聊天机器人以通过手机短信与参与者进行沟通。 [阅读详情]


希望成为用户体验研究人员,促进职业发展,或培训其他人?不妨通过分析招聘启事,深入了解用户体验研究的现况。 [阅读详情]


通过遵循一些简单的指导准则,您可以创建更加适合参与者的调查,为您产生更实用的数据。 [阅读详情]


认真和创意地思考如何用数据来驱动设计决策,将为用户带来更好的体验。 [阅读详情]


使用推文来了解地域社区样貌的做法,展现出大数据分析的潜力和限制。 [阅读详情]