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新冠肺炎 (COVID) 疫情时期的用户体验治理教育

Bar graph: 47% existing commitments exclude ability to attend in person, 21% online learning the only way to pursue interest, 21% employer incentive or partnership, 8% school reputation, and 4% other.

(English) Presents a case for the need to create UX governance structures to guide the development of online education during COVID-19. [阅读详情]


One-month calendar with list of times showing for chosen date.

This article discusses the challenges faced, the importance of UX research, and the research process in the Indian manufacturing industry in the era of the Internet of Things. [阅读详情]


An image of a hand-drawn user experience workflow, handed over from one person to another.

随着在线教育课程的兴起,用户体验行业可能很快就要开始不仅强调求职者的经验,还要强调认证。 [阅读详情]


导师制是用户体验领域中的最佳学习方法之一。目前有多种导师制可供选择,无论是要成为导师还是学生,都很容易。 [阅读详情]


对用户体验从业者的需求日益增长,促使学术机构和业界都在寻找创新的方法来实现研究、专业化与教学的结合,以激励和培训人才步入该行业。 [阅读详情]


要为墨西哥的教育设计有效的学习工具和技术,就需要了解该地区独特的多元文化、经济和政治问题。 [阅读详情]