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遵循最佳实践的系统性用户研究能够产生良好的结果,但是这些结果是否“可靠”或“有效”呢?本文将介绍我们如何将这些社会科学概念运用于用户体验研究。 [阅读详情]

(English) Five Years of UX Research Operations Improvements at Novo Nordisk: A Retrospective Reflection

Two researchers place various physical tools near

(English) Over the past five years, Novo Nordisk has systematically iterated and improved on their UX research processes, increasing the design influence on product development. [阅读详情]

(English) Designing Great Voice User Interfaces—More than Creating Good Conversations

Figure 1. Voice user interfaces in our everyday devices.

(English) Interactive voice responses (IVR) have been becoming ubiquitous in customer support call centers since the early 2000s. But designing for these conversational experiences presents unique challenges compared to traditional graphical user interfaces. To help readers navigate this emerging space, the authors share a case study in researching and designing for the IBM Technical Support Phone System. [阅读详情]


Three examples of link text shown in different colors. The first two fail accessibility contrast guidelines and the last one passes.

Web accessibility has always been good practice but, starting this year, it is a legal requirement that user experience professionals can no longer ignore. [阅读详情]

打造 帮会 :将您的用户体验团队提升到超级英雄的地位

A round, badge-like image with the words: “veracode” and “UX Guild.

UX Guilds can be an effective model to scale UX by empowering non-UX team members to make appropriate design decisions. [阅读详情]

Understanding User Adaptation to New Technology in the Manufacturing Industry

A photograph of two women sorting sticky notes on a wall.

This article discusses the challenges faced, the importance of UX research, and the research process in the Indian manufacturing industry in the era of the Internet of Things. [阅读详情]


在这篇幽默的文章中,Cliff Anderson 对比 Kubler-Ross 的 5 个悲伤阶段与新手观察员的可用性测试过程体验。 [阅读详情]


设计系统需要大量的组织工作。业者可以按照这些实用的提示来获得认可并为未来制定清晰的愿景。 [阅读详情]

设计思维和 SAFe® 敏捷:USAA 以人为本的设计 (HCD)

USAA 正在融合传统的 IT 驱动敏捷方法与设计思维原则,为成员提供更好的数字体验。 [阅读详情]


经验丰富的用户研究人员分享有关启动、迭代和扩展精益研究方法的技巧,以使用户体验研究适应快速发展的敏捷开发流程。 [阅读详情]


用户体验正逐渐渗透入大企业,并逐渐制度化。贵组织做好大规模开展用户体验工作的准备了吗? [阅读详情]


匿名可以影响用户研究的质量。为确保匿名性,应对隐私设立期望标准,并遵循最佳保密实践来保护可能识别研究参与者身份的个人信息。 [阅读详情]


为项目选择适用的用户体验设计方法可能很困难。根据经验数据开发出更好的工具,有助于简化决策。 [阅读详情]


用户信任极易丧失,但是我们可以将在日常生活中建立自信的相同元素运用在建立信任的设计模式中。 [阅读详情]


Crowd at a conference

用户群会议提供了良好的机会,让您在一个场所接触到很多合格的今后可能会用到的研究参与者,是可收集丰富用户数据的金矿。 [阅读详情]