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Becoming a UX Researcher in the Games Industry

Becoming a UX Researcher in the Games Industry

The games industry is a dynamic field in which technological advancements and artistic expressions are combined to create new experiences. Getting into the industry requires a transferable skill set that accommodates key differences between games and other interactive systems that impact games’ UXR objectives and approaches. Industry differences are discussed along with the benefits of…
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Users as Co-creators: Player-centric Game Design

How a game design process suitable for Agile can be made user-centered and incorporate player feedback and real user input.如何让适合敏捷流程的游戏设计做到“以用户为中心”,并将玩家的反馈和由实际用户提供的信息融入其中。애자일 개발 환경의 게임 디자인 과정이 사용자 중심적이 되고, 플레이어 피드백과 실제 사용자의 조언을 통합하는 방식Como o processo de design de jogos adequado para o método ágil pode ser realizado centrado no usuário e também incorporar…