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Schemas: Strategizing User Experience

EHR user interface with a customer list control.

Schemas inform people in performing the simplest tasks to entering data in complex systems such as Electronic Health Records. People use assimilation and accommodation to adapt schemas to new situations, but overreliance on users’ accommodation affects cognitive load and usability. Understanding schemas informs a strategic user experience that focuses on cognitive skills. [Leer más]

Non-Standardization: Design for the Swiss Health Service

The medical materials e-store interface before the start of design work.

Old age is a natural stage in life. According to statistical studies, societies are aging at an increasingly rapid rate; in 2060, the number of aged people in European countries will double. According to M. Kawińska, a significant portion of them will be people who require continuous or periodic medical care. The body regulating the […] [Leer más]

(English) Directing to Care: Technology to Help Patients Find Their Way

Directing to Care: Technology to Help Patients Find Their Way

(English) The Mayo Clinic app provides step-by-step navigation through its buildings to direct patients to their appointment’s check-in desk. New research and software focus on wayfinding and obtain usage data through eye tracking glasses. Logistical challenges are covered for conducting this type of research using Tobii glasses in a large hospital. [Leer más]