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Copy-editing and translation

Copy-editing begins approximately 3 weeks before the issue launches. The editor works in the article template that includes:

  • Title
  • Author names and bios
  • Extracts, abstracts, and tags
  • Article text with  figure alt text and captions

Translation begins 4-5 weeks before the issue launches.

Online prep

  • Create article authors, updating existing entries as needed.
  • Create articles, tagging them with the category and issue. Save as draft.
  • Set article order in the Re-Order tool, and by setting the publication date to enforce the order. (Start at 12:00 with Rubes, and count up the list)
  • Add translations when the translation file is ready.
  • Create the issue entry. Do not set it to publish yet.  Create home page banner (Slider) and save as draft.

Launch the issue

Do all of these things in a single sequence so there is no gap that leaves the issue only partly launched. Be sure you have enough time for QA and troubleshooting.

In general, the best time to launch the issue is early Sunday morning. This is the time when there are the fewest number of readers, globally, and allows time to check the issue.

Publish articles. Do this with Bulk Edit. Be sure they:

  • Are in the right order on Re-Order tool
  • Are attached to the issue
  • As soon as they are published, they will appear on the home page.

Update Home Page Slider.

  • Change the status of the new slider to Published
  • Change the status of the old slider to Draft

Set Home Page Groups

  • Check the number of articles in each group. Adjust as needed.
  • Check that no articles from the previous issue or the Rubes are visible in the list.

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