Articles by Cliff Anderson

Cliff Anderson is a senior usability engineer with Ally Bank. He has 30 years of experience doing usability testing on more than 3,000 users. He has presented at UXPA and has published in UPA Voice, Boxes & Arrows, User Experience, and Usability Interface. He has degrees from Duke University and Carnegie Mellon, and has been a guest lecturer at UNC, Clemson, Winthrop, and the University of Georgia.  He also presents regularly for the Nielsen Norman Group.

Quem é um bom profissional de experiência do usuário? Resultados de uma pesquisa com o modelo de personalidade de cinco fatores

RIASEC model and Five Factor Model

What makes UXers tick? This article discusses two surveys: one using the Five Factor Model of personality and another the RIASEC model for occupational fit. [Leia mais]

Como projetar tecnologia emocionalmente inteligente (Resenhas de livro)

(English) Book cover of Emotionally Intelligent Design

A review of Emotionally Intelligent Design by Pamela Pavliscak. This book provides guidance on how to incorporate an emotional layer into Design Thinking. [Leia mais]

As cinco fases do luto: Edição de observador do teste de usabilidade

Neste artigo cômico, Cliff Anderson propõe uma comparação entre as cinco fases do luto de Kubler-Ross e as experiências dos observadores recém-chegados ao processo de teste de usabilidade. [Leia mais]

(English) ¿Habla Español?: Testing and Designing for U.S. Latino Users

(English) This article discusses a series of cross-cultural usability studies run with Spanish speaking immigrants to the U.S., looking in particular at their special characteristics and challenges. [Leia mais]

(English) The View From Here: Who Would Want to Do Usability?

(English) This article looks at the results of a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) survey with eighty usability professionals. [Leia mais]