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Collaboration with the Front Line: Designing for Support

Observation, gamestorming, co-creation exercises, and storyboards let a customer support team help design a chat interface, and taught the UX team the value of collaboration.通过观察、游戏风暴、共创实践和故事连环画让客户支持团队帮助设计一个聊天界面,让 UX 团队领会到协作的价值。 관찰, 게임스토밍, 공동 창조 작업 및 스토리보드를 통해 고객 지원팀은 채팅 인터페이스를 설계하고 UX 팀에게 협력의 가치를 교육하도록 지원합니다.A observação, gamestorming, exercícios de criação conjunta e storyboards permitiram…
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Writing Tutorials That Actually Help Users: Communication for Learning

An effective tutorial supports user modifications and guides them through errors so that, using your UI, they can achieve their goals. 用户看重教程。教程可帮助用户利用隐藏在用户界面背后的功能。用户如此看重教程,这很令人惊讶,因为很多教程是没有用处的ユーザはチュートリアルを重要視している。チュートリアルはユーザインタフェースに備わった機能をユーザが活用する手助けとなってくれるものだ。