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image of notes from joint design meeting

顧客のアクセスといった形成的評価方法を用いると、大量の内容豊富なデータを得られるが、チームは往々にして得られた洞察から製品戦略を編み出すために十分な知識や計画を持っていない。 [続きを読む]


Brain image

欠陥商品を友人たちに薦めることがなぜ、理にかなっている可能性があるのか。携帯メディアプレーヤーに関するユーザ調査のいくつかの事例から、そのような行動が実は全く合理的なものであると示すことができる [続きを読む]


University of Southern California(USC:南カリフォルニア大学)はビデオゲーム業界へ進む人材を育てる学部を早期に公式に設置した大学のひとつで、そのプログラムは米国でトップクラスと定評がある。 [続きを読む]


photo of street interview

サービスデザインはユーザエクスペリエンスの専門家や業界が、リーダー達がその仕事のインパクトを高めるために活用できると考えた新しい分野だ。 [続きを読む]

あなたにとってはどうでしたか? 人々が体験を説明するための手助け

image of word cloud

感情は人々が製品やサービスを利用するよう促すのに重要な役割を果たしている。一般的に、好ましい感情を作り出すデザインは、より成功を収めている [続きを読む]


ソーシャルウェブサイトでは、つぶやきや投稿などでユーザエクスペリエンスが少しずつ形作られている。適切なチャンネルに注目することで、 Facebook、LinkedIn、Twitterなどから得られる断片的な情報を拾い取り、ユーザの視点を捉えた活気あふれる生きた情報のコラージュ を組み立てることができる。 [続きを読む]

(English) Model-driven Inquiry: A Streamlined Approach to Data Collection

(English) Contextual design models can be developed through exploratory modeling, providing a potentially useful framework to guide and speed up the later modeling activities. [続きを読む]

(English) User Interview Techniques: Guidelines for Obtaining Better Results

(English) An interview technique review worksheet emphasizes continual improvement and provides an easy way for team members to evaluate a user research interview session. [続きを読む]

(English) Deal Them Again: Card Sorting Revisited (Book Review)

(English) A whole book on card sorting? This book is replete with solid advice, clearly written and illustrated, and well supported by case studies and examples. [続きを読む]

(English) What Do You Mean? How to Write Good Questions

(English) When designing forms, a background in survey methodology and social research can facilitate a transition into user-centered design. [続きを読む]

(English) Forms on the Go: Usable Forms for the Mobile Web

screencap of web form

(English) Designing forms for the mobile web confronts unique challenges that are difficult to test and are not completely in the developer’s control. [続きを読む]

(English) Conducting Field Studies with Older Adults Lessons for Recruiting and Testing Older Users

(English) Field testing and field research work especially well with older adults, if you are sensitive to their needs in both the recruiting and data collection process. [続きを読む]

(English) Safer Skies: Usability at the Federal Aviation Administration

(English) Study of user communities that make up the air traffic control system and the information, navigation and communication technologies they use. [続きを読む]

(English) Zooming In and Zooming Out: Real-life Customer Experience Research

(English) Evolving our customer-centric tools forms the basis for mutual understanding and challenges us to find the optimal moments for integration. [続きを読む]

(English) A Clever Startup: Combining Qualitative and Quantitative UX Research

(English) Our Spout project illustrates how smaller organizations and startups can benefit from conducting cutting-edge, integrated qualitative and quantitative user experience research. [続きを読む]

(English) The World’s a Stage: Using Acting to Validate a Wearable Product Concept with Users

(English) Acting, when used to validate a wearable product concept, describes the right target group, identifies use situations, and contextualizes issues to be addressed in product development. [続きを読む]

(English) Cultural Probes: Understanding Users in Context

(English) Probes force designers to think about the context and motivations of use, thus building a stronger understanding of the target audience and potentially leading to more informed designs. [続きを読む]