Articles about 隐私

(English) Designing for Social Technologies: Responsible Privacy Design

(English) Concerns about negative social consequences can be a barrier to online participation. UX designers have the opportunity and responsibility to design for overcoming this. [阅读详情]

Supporting Mainframe Data Compliance: A UX Approach

Build user knowledge and apply UX principles to improve user decision-making and data identification to ensure mainframe data compliance. [阅读详情]

面向用户体验设计中的伦理框架,第 2 部分

Generic patient health record

Ethical issues, surprisingly caused by benevolent intent, are often left unnoticed in UX design. Conscious awareness is the primary step in tackling these pressing issues. [阅读详情]

Building an Ethics Framework for UX Design

A compilation and categorization of the different ethical issues within UX design [阅读详情]


匿名可以影响用户研究的质量。为确保匿名性,应对隐私设立期望标准,并遵循最佳保密实践来保护可能识别研究参与者身份的个人信息。 [阅读详情]


在针对老年用户的飞利浦家庭监控项目中,为了营造在线服务体验,需要面临各种挑战,包括隐私、用户体验、旧系统局限和交流。 [阅读详情]

当隐私遭遇技术:关于“The Circle”《圆》的两种观点(书评)

book cover

针对 David Eggers 的“The Circle”《圆》一书的两种回应。对隐私、信息和技术的一些反思。 [阅读详情]



Chris 一步一步向读者展现了他在 XP Service Pack 2中开展设计测试迭代的经验,XP Service Pack 2 是微软可信计算计划 (Trustworthy Computing Initiative) 的一个核心元素。 [阅读详情]

(English) The View from Here: E-Government Needs to Do More to Ensure Citizens’ Privacy

(English) As governments increasingly move to online channels, they must do so without compromising the privacy of citizens. [阅读详情]