Articles about Report Writing

How Do Other People Do It? A Comparative Review of Usability Study Reports

Screenshot from a variety of reports.

An experimental insight into how Comparative Usability Evaluation studies and reports are done. [Read More]

Adapting to Change: UX Research in an Ever-Changing Business Environment

Embracing and adapting to change by evolving research planning, execution, analysis, and reporting to better meet organization needs is essential as a UX researcher. [Read More]

The Perfect Report: How to Write It So that People Want to Read It

Report page with callouts

A report that's easy to read? It can be done. Punch up your report writing. Tips for report flexibility and 'glance-ability.' [Read More]

Engaging Teams with Rich Reporting: Recipe for a Research Findings Expo

Rich reporting, for example, an expo, is an improvement beyond traditional written reports leading to a more meaningful engagement among a wider variety of stakeholders. [Read More]

Recommendations on Recommendations: Making usability usable

Guidelines for developing useful and usable recommendations—that is, recommendations that are likely to be accepted, implemented, and that significantly improve the system. [Read More]