Articles about Social Media

Bridging Differences Across Cultures (Book Review)

A review of Global Social Media Design by Huatong Sun. This book provides a framework for cross-cultural social media design. [Read More]

Designing for Social Technologies: Responsible Privacy Design

Concerns about negative social consequences can be a barrier to online participation. UX designers have the opportunity and responsibility to design for overcoming this. [Read More]

Technology, Meet Public Policy

Social media and public policy has become linked, and the connection looks like it will grow stronger over time. [Read More]

Want Civility? Build Community

Interfaces that facilitate community over the network can enrich the quality of social interaction. This can only be good for everybody. [Read More]

Innovating with Fans: Social Games and Technology Design

When users’ expertise connects with designers’ solution expertise, new products often click. Platforms like LINE and social games like Pokémon Go show the power of connected fan communities for innovation. [Read More]

Engaging Citizens: A Review of Eight Approaches to Civic Engagement

An evaluation of eight civic engagement platforms that are attempting to use technology to increase civic engagement with local governments. [Read More]

Las redes sociales en los desastres: diseñar la experiencia

Durante desastres como bombardeos y huracanes, las personas comunes utilizan las redes sociales para conectarse entre sí y establecer una red. ¿Las redes sociales están listas para ese tipo de uso? [Read More]

Collaboration with the Front Line: Designing for Support

Post-it notes on a whiteboard

Observation, gamestorming, co-creation exercises, and storyboards let a customer support team help design a chat interface, and taught the UX team the value of collaboration. [Read More]

Care About Your UX Career? Network Now!

People at a networking table

Networking with other UX professionals is critical to furthering your UX career. Social media like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are as important as in-person networking. [Read More]

Social Games with Words: A Short History of Implementations

Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of a platform is critical to getting the most out of user interface designs for it. [Read More]

Persuasion Invasion: Using Facebook for Behavioral Change

Wattsup Facebook application

Social media has the potential for generating positive behavior change by influencing us to adjust our behavior to align with that of our peers. [Read More]

Accounting for Social Change in Design

Designing for social change does not mean using design to change society. It means design that takes into account the fact that it will change society. [Read More]

Designing for Children: Supporting Positive Youth Development through Social Media

Positive Technological Development aims to assist children in bettering their world through improving their technological literacy. [Read More]

Online Social Networking and the New Indian Woman: Communication to Overcome Frustration

illustration of a woman checking a laptop in a kitchen.

Indian women in IT make use of social networks in a manner similar to their counterparts elsewhere, however with some differences. [Read More]

Shh. Listen First! Social Networking, Wikis, and User Experience

The age of information is shifting to an age of interaction. To best take advantage of this, learn and observe your users first before collaboration. [Read More]

Social Network Sites for Older Adults: Online User Experience for Korean Seniors

Designing social networking systems which meet the needs of current seniors will enable them to use these systems to improve their quality of life. [Read More]

Web 2.0 for an Older Population: Exploring the Limits

To enable a rapidly aging population with the connected social experiences that younger Web users experience, find balance between replacing and augmenting offline activity. [Read More]

Social Health Networking: A popular online format in unfamiliar territory

Revolution Health explored how one could leverage the dynamic world of social networking in providing targeted support toward better health goals. [Read More]