Designing education: Educating Design

New ideas in e-learning are both designing education and educating design. The new educational experience includes interdisciplinary teaching and exploratory learning [Read More]

Online Mentorship: Building a High-Touch Student Experience

Mentors support students with a high-touch, individualized user experience. In e-learning tools, adding mentors allows students to work at their own pace and meet their goals. [Read More]

Gamification of Learning: An Asian Perspective

Schools in Asia are actively exploring the use of mobile applications, augmented reality, and virtual reality to enhance the motivation and engagement of students. [Read More]

Good Learning Design: Five Unique Challenges and Their Solutions

When designing an e-learning solution, ensure they are engaging and effective by solving for these five unique challenges: Motivation, range of users, difficulty, assessment, and retention. [Read More]

Designing Future-Friendly Content: Modeling Structure for Every User Interface

Designing future-friendly content upfront provides a solid foundation for useful content on all devices, publishing platforms, and content outlets yet to come. [Read More]

Meeting Your Mission: A User-Centered Approach to Content Strategy

A well planned content strategy serves as both a guide for content development and delivery and as a device to hold organizations accountable to broader goals. [Read More]

Stop Admiring the Problem: Getting Traction with Your Content Strategy

Implementing effective content planning processes, that incorporate understanding of real users’ needs, to create usable content strategy and cohesive customer narratives. [Read More]

What to Write: Communicating Based on User Need

UX Advocacy in a University Context: Strategies and Tactics for Multiple Stakeholders

Reality Check: High Fidelity Content Enhances the Design Process

A man sits on a park bench, holding a dog on a leash. The dog sits in the grass reading a book titled “How to unleash your full potential.” The dog is holding scissors and getting ready to cut through the leash.