Personal Health Metrics and Good UX: Partners in Healthcare

To ensure healthcare programs and applications that use personal metrics are effective in helping people improve their lives, focus on the user experience. [Read More]

Collaborative Healthcare: Credibility and Navigation on the Internet

The Internet enables patients to collaborate with medical professionals to meet healthcare needs – but only when healthcare websites provide credible and usable navigation and organization. [Read More]

Design for Chronic Conditions: From Understanding to Innovation

Reviews, interviews, and examinations are important but empathic study is crucial for healthy designers to understand the needs of a patient suffering from chronic conditions. [Read More]

Spanish Language Personas: Informing the Design of Healthcare Websites

Research for Spanish-language personas showed that Latinos in the U.S. have consistent user needs related to culture and language that are applicable to all types of health information websites. [Read More]

Patient Communication: What If You Had a Speech Disability?

Two people talking

A visit to the doctor can mean a lack of dignity and confidentiality for patients with speech disabilities because healthcare professionals rarely know how to interact with them. [Read More]

Online Healthcare: Designing Senior-Friendly Privacy

Useful Personal Health Records: Designing for Accessibility and Innovation

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