Connected Medical Devices: Using Data to Drive Design Decisions

Usage data that is collected and analyzed from smart medical devices has the potential to change how these devices are designed, resulting in safer and more effective devices. [Read More]

Big Behavioral Data: The Key to Eliminating User Frustration

Big data can provide behavioral patterns from thousands of people. These patterns can be searched and indexed and used to identify usability issues and eliminate user frustration. [Read More]

Big Data UX: Research Opportunity and Ethical Challenge

As UX professionals we need to serve as gatekeepers to properly handle ethical challenges when using videos of users’ participation within large sample new research tools. [Read More]

Remote Friendly User Experience: How to Keep and Hire Top Talent

How remote friendly companies can attract top UX talent by breaking location barriers and increasing productivity and work/life balance. [Read More]

What should UXers know about Digital and Marketing Asset Management? (Book Review)

“Digital and Marketing Asset Management” includes an overview of relevant technology and how it fits into digital marketing organizations. The book also includes tips for making a business case for DAM and how to evaluate related vendors. Learning about DAM will be useful to UX professionals who find themselves working alongside digital marketers or in digital marketing organizations. [Read More]

Navigating the Cloud: A Usability Framework

Thinking Outside the Browse and Search Box: Big Data as a Complement to Navigation Design

Navigating the Internet of Things: Can I Trust My Car?

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