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Letters to the Editor

Dear UX Editors,

ELMER has been selected as a finalist to the European eGovernment Awards 2009 in Malmö, Sweden ( An article by Tor Nygaard in your issue on Form Design (User Experience Magazine, Volume 8, Issue 2) titled

“The ELMER Experience: A Standard for Government Forms” was based on this project.

The author of the article would like your permission to use it as a handout to the participants. The conference will be attended by approximately 1,000 participants.

Yours sincerely,

–Marita Hauglid

Higher executive officer

Communications Staff

The Brønnøysund Register Centre

Editors Comment

Dear Marita,

We are delighted to grant permission to use the article as a handout at the conference. Congratulations to Tor on his selection as a finalist for the European eGovernment award!  For a complete description of ELMER see

–Chris Koster

Managing Editor

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