About User Experience Magazine

User Experience magazine publishes a wide range of articles dealing with the broad field of usability and the user experience.

We publish 5 issues a year, each on a broad theme in user experience.

Abstracts for all articles are translated into five additional languages.

  • 中文 – Chinese (Simplified) from June 2010
  • 日本語- Japanese from June 2010
  • 한국어- Korean from January 2012
  • Español – Spanish (Generic) from January 2012
  • Português  – Portuguese (Brazilian) from January 2012

Thanks to a dedicated group of UXPA volunteers, some articles are also fully translated into Spanish.

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From 2002 to 2014, User Experience was delivered to members of UXPA. The last printed issue was 14.2: Motivation, in June 2014.

The online site opened in early 2013, and became open access in 2014. The responsive design means that you can read it on the desktop, tablet or handheld device with equal facility. Accessibility has also been a key consideration.

Published by the User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA), Email: office at uxpa dot org  Web:  http://www.uxpa.org.

Opinions expressed in UX articles and advertisements are those of the authors and advertisers, respectively, and should not be considered as expressions of official policy of the UXPA.

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