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6.2 - June 2007
Product Management

Aligning UX Strategy with Business Goals

Deriving UX goals and vision from business goals reminds us of what’s important to a company as well to users, and how UX professionals can contribute.


UX Increases Revenue: Two Case Studies

WebIQ helps businesses prioritize web improvement efforts and then measures the impact using the results from online research to build and enhance prototypes that are tested in lab-based studies.

Metrics and Analytics

Usability ROI as a Strategic Tool

When introducing user experience to an organization, approach it the way we approach design itself. Engage your users, assess impact, and iterate to improve the design.

Information Architecture (IA)

What You Should Know About the Semantic Web

The Semantic Web aligns well with the range of new web techniques that seek to transform our online experience through an understanding of usability and design.


Time to Get Moving!

I’m excited and grateful for the opportunity to share the work of UPA’s Usability in the Enterprise project with the broader usability community. This issue of UX is the culmination of nearly three years of work by more than 100 members of the UPA family. The objective of our research


Editor’s Note: Making Ourselves Usable, Useful, and Appealing

We know that our profession is concerned with making products and services more usable, useful, and appealing so that end-users have a better user experience. The same can be said about what we ourselves need to accomplish within our own business environment. We need to learn how to make sure