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6.3 - September 2007
Interaction Design (IxD)

Designing Interactive TV with Users in Mind

The User-led Interactive Television Services (UITS) project addresses barriers to audience use of new media through empirical studies and distribution of study results within a knowledge transfer network.

Metrics and Analytics

Using Quick Surveys for Website Task Analysis

End-user task analysis data is critical in designing or redesigning websites. With tight budgets, quick, high-quality online surveys are a good way to gain this data.


The View from Here: Game Over?

People with physical disabilities want, demand, and deserve to play games. Let’s make games more accessible, for them and for our future selves.

Book Reviews

What a Character! (Book Review)

A review of Characters of the Information and Communication Industry by Richard Bellaver.. An amazing, tumultuous, and awe-inspiring journey that begins with Gutenberg and continues onward to the present day, 500 years later.


Editor’s Note: Coming Soon to a Screen Near You

This issue’s theme focuses on usability and user-experience issues of interactive and mobile video, informing us about many new technology developments that make headlines in our daily news media. We all have our childhood experiences of viewing television and of using the phone. What happens when these two media are


Editor’s Note: Usability and Sociability for Mobile and Pervasive Interactive Television

Interactive Television (iTV) is slowly replacing the traditional “passive” TV platform due to better audio/video quality and interactive services such as electronic program guides (EPG) and communication services, made possible by a set-top box with a return channel. These new interactive services allow viewers to actively participate, and substantially influence,