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7.1 - March 2008

What’s News: I Think, Therefore I Can

We’ve known for a long time that brain function involves sending electrical impulses, but it is only in recent years that researchers are finding effective ways to harness that energy without having to implant electrodes into the brain. One of the most exciting developments is a wired cap that lets

Book Reviews

More than Skin Deep (Book Review)

This book’s focus on accessibility during the entire user-centered design process integrates accessibility throughout product development and provides readers with a readable introduction to incorporating these concerns into daily professional practice.


Editor’s Note: The Greening of World Usability

This issue of User Experience introduces 2008 with a rich set of articles from a wide range of real-world perspectives. Rick Starbuck, Washington Mutual Bank, USA, shows us how user-centered design achieves bottom-line business success. Jerrod Larson, University of Washington, USA, analyzes why some companies make poor decisions about software