Mechanical Turk:无需海量资金即可快速扩大研究规模

用户体验研究人员往往面临诸多制约,例如缺乏时间、预算和目标用户等。创意运用 Amazon 的 Mechanical Turk 平台,有助于通过快速且可扩展的研究克服这些挑战。此外,该平台还可以帮助研究人员接触到各种各样的参与者,例如具有不同认知能力和身体机能的国际用户和参与者。作者详细概述了他们如何使用 Mechanical Turk 进行用户研究,以及针对各种可能挑战的切实解决方案。


Volz, J., Mitchell, C. (2017). Mechanical Turk:无需海量资金即可快速扩大研究规模. User Experience Magazine, 17(5).
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2 Responses

  1. Connie Godsey-Bell说道:

    This is a very interesting use of Mechanical Turk. Can you give more detail on why you can leverage it without as high a regard for SME as before? Thanks.

    • Jake Volz说道:

      Hi Connie,

      The main reason for the change is that, while we were scaling our panels, we began trying new platforms that source LinkedIn- and Facebook-verified participants for remote (and even in-person) studies. Since these platforms can collect personal information of the participants, they become substantially more effective to screen SME with. This is especially true for our group, as much of our initial recruiting criteria can be seen on a LinkedIn profile. Another reason is that our internal databases of verified participants have scaled nicely over time, which has decreased some of our demand through external channels.

      It is rare that we’ll rely on Mechanical Turk for SME participants now, but we still sometimes include participants from multiple sources (including Mechanical Turk) in our remote studies requiring SME participants.