Deje de admirar el problema: obtenga Resultados con su estrategia de contenido

Posiblemente no exista una opción única que se ajuste a todos los enfoques de la estrategia de contenido. Lo que funciona en una empresa podría no resultar relevante en otra. En consecuencia, dar el primer paso puede representar una lucha. En este estudio de caso, una navegación global que fue exitosa en una web y que funcionó en dispositivos móviles, ayudó a lanzar un programa de estrategia de contenido que tuvo éxito. En la medida que más personas de la empresa conocieron el trabajo, la estrategia de contenido formó parte de más proyectos… desde el comienzo.

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Turner, K. (2016). Deje de admirar el problema: obtenga Resultados con su estrategia de contenido. User Experience Magazine, 16(1).
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  1. Sara dice:

    Really helpful article! I’m adding some items to my to-do list….

  2. Lysa P dice:

    Thanks for the excellent article, Kelly, and for detailing the steps of this successful effort. I will share it with a few folks on my extended team.

  3. Thanks, Kelly, for the peek into the way your team incorporated user perspectives into your content redesign, especially the exercises you did to discover how users grouped and labeled things.

    Where does your title phrase «stop admiring the problem» come from, and what do you mean by it?

    • Kelly Turner dice:

      Hi Marcia. It’s a phrase I’ve heard over the past few years that refers to taking action on an existing problem instead of over-talking or over-thinking it. In this case, it means using little content strategy efforts to build credibility rather than wait for a formal, well-vetted content strategy process to be in place. I hope that answers your question, and thanks again!

    • Kelly, Thanks for clarifying. I like it (both the phrase and what it stands for).

  4. Darryl Moore dice:

    Fantastic article that outlines the process that is helping to improve not only content on our sites, but also navigation and ease of use. At times I feel that we still have a ways to go, but your efforts, and those of the teams you work with, will certainly improve NPS scores and most importantly, provide our customers with a user experience that will deflect calls to Care. Great work!

  5. Great article Kelly! After working with you for years on Global Navigation and other content strategy efforts, I can attest to your patience and persistence in garnering and earning respect for content strategy as a necessary discipline for our Digital User Experience team.

    I admire your progress (not the problem)!

  6. David dice:

    I am one of the website producers that has the opportunity to work with Kelly. The strategy described above really does work as well as it sounds and generally keeps the customer and marketing/business sides happy, whether through ease of task completion, an uptick in sales due to adjusted label placement/content or call center cost savings.

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