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East Meets West (Issue 2.1)

Magazine cover
Spring/Summer 2003
East Meets West

  • East Meets West
    As a leading manufacturer of IT products, China may soon become the next Silicon Valley. But how well designed will its products be?
    by Zhengjie Liu
  • Bridging the Gap
    What you need to know to help IT meet business at the crossroads of development.
    by Jerry Luftman
  • High Tech Versus High Touch
    How effective is automated usability testing as a diagnostic tool?
    by Howard Tamler
  • Form Follows Function
    Focusing design efforts using research-based guidelines.
    by Sanjay J. Koyani, Susan Allison, Robert Bailey, Conrad Mulligan, and Kent Bailey
  • Going Global
    The challenges of designing a medical device for a global marketplace.
    by Aline Baeck and Laura Militello
  • Select Reads
    The power of patterns, testing on a budget, and more.
    Review by Eugene Chen
  • Being Blue in a Green World
    Top 10 survival techniques for a sole usability expert.
    by Tomer Sharon