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Pretending to Be You (Issue 2.2)

Magazine cover
Fall/Winter 2003
Pretending to be you

  • The Screen Scene
    Usabilty in Practice: Eight steps for recruiting the right usability test participants
    by Kimberly Oslob
  • Ready for a Test Drive
    The Business of Usability: How to improve the customer experience and shift your business results into high gear
    by Mark Hurst
  • Pretending to Be You
    Applied Research: How to perform expert evaluations by assuming various personas
    by Kipp Lynch and Jacob Burghardt
  • How Usable is Your Art?
    Visual Design: Meeting the needs of emotion and functionality in everyday objects and public art.
    by Jeff Axup
  • Book Review: Designing Smarter Sites
    Going beyond the basics to welcome all visitors to your Web site.
    Reviewed by Tim Harshbarder
  • The View from Here: The Challenge of Change
    Creating the new IT through committment, innovation and delivery
    by Greg Burnham