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Citizen-Centric Computing (Issue 3.1)

Magazine cover
Spring 2004
Citizen-Centric Computing
  • Peak Performance
    A new approach to the Department of Health and Human Services portal gave more power to the people.
    by Mary F. Theofanos, Conrad P. Mulligan and Janice Redish
  • True Crime
    Move over, Court TV. Usability helps experts and others get crime and justice data online.
    by Marianne Zawitz, Kathleen Straub and Catherine Gaddy
  • Keeping Your Distance
    Remote usability testing or the lab–which is best?
    by Erin Bradner
  • The Requirements Rift
    The missing ingredient between requirements and successful application development.
    by Mike Padilla
  • The Group Connection
    Understanding co-experience can improve product design
    by Katja Batterbee
  • Six Degrees of Separation
    Defining user experience spaces
    by Aaron Marcus