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The UX of Us

Science fiction asks the big What if…? questions. Pay attention, because the important work in the future will be how we change the UX of our daily lives.科幻小说常问很多“如果…将会怎么样?”之类的问题。请注意,因为如何改变日常生活中的用户体验,将是我们未来的重要工作。공상과학은 심각한 가상적(만약…

On the Edge: Beyond UX in Western Science Fiction

Asian sci-fi is inspired by classic Western novels as well as native literary traditions. Chinese, Indian, and Japanese approaches reveal creations based on different cultures.亚洲科幻作品受经典西方小说启发,同时其灵感也来自于本土文学传统。中国、印度和日本的创作手法揭示了基于不同文化的创造力。아시아의 SF는 토속적 문학 전통뿐만 아니라…

“Do you trust me enough to answer this question?” Trust and Data Quality

A question is part of a social exchange. If users trust your organization and your motives for asking, they will be much more willing to answer.问题并非只是问题。它是社会交流的一部分,是一种发生在用户与组织之间的对话,用户对组织有所期望,希望通过这种对话达到自己的目的。질문은 그냥 질문이 아니다. 질문은…

HCI for Peace: An Invitation to Positive Action

Human-computer interaction (HCI) provides novel opportunities for user experience professionals to design technologies that promote specific human values such as peace. 在日常生活中,不断普及的数字设备为人机交互和用户体验专业人员提供了新的机会,来设计可促进特定人类价值的技术。其中一种价值就是和平。人々の生活におけるデジタルデバイスの蔓延は、ヒューマンコンピュータインタラクションやユーザエクスペリエンスの専門家に、特定のヒューマンバリューを促進するテクノロジーをデザインする独特の機会を与えてくれる。

Writing Tutorials That Actually Help Users: Communication for Learning

An effective tutorial supports user modifications and guides them through errors so that, using your UI, they can achieve their goals. 用户看重教程。教程可帮助用户利用隐藏在用户界面背后的功能。用户如此看重教程,这很令人惊讶,因为很多教程是没有用处的ユーザはチュートリアルを重要視している。チュートリアルはユーザインタフェースに備わった機能をユーザが活用する手助けとなってくれるものだ。