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Sketchnote: The World Until Yesterday – What We Can Learn from Traditional Societies


Jared Diamond gave a talk about his autobiographical book about his study in Papua, New Guinea. He started out wanting to understand the fascinating world, but the work soon morphed into studies of small, traditional communities. He draws lessons from New Guinean rules to live by, and compares modern and traditional societies. (Click the images for a larger view)

The sketchnote consists of small drawings with the following text:

  • Jared Diamond, Tuesday 1st Oct. 13 RI (Royal Institute)
  • An autobiographical book about his study in Papua New Guinea…then morphed into studies of small communities (traditional).
  • Motivation: just understanding the fascinating world.
  • He doesn’t have a computer or an iPhone or an actual phone.
  • New Guinean rules to live by: Don’t sleep under dead trees.
  • We need to kick ourselves into new sustainable habits.
  • We have different languages.
  • We have different attitudes to dangers.
  • Children are given much more freedom.
  • In nomadic societies with fluctuating food they sometimes desert, starve, or even kill the elderly.
  • In societies where people stay in the same place, they are surrounded by childhood friends.
  • Traditional societies have very little death associated with non-communicable diseases.
  • Disputes are often about emotional closure rather than right or wrong.
  • The lack of face to face communication and being able to read visual cues is a problem.
  • We are using one language per week.
  • Modern societies are all very similar. Traditional societies are much more varied.
  • New book: Nations in crisis (and individuals in crisis)[/greybox]


[greybox]Jared Diamond 谈了他的自传,重点讲述了他在巴布亚新几内亚所做的研究。 他最初的动机是想要了解这个令人着迷的世界,但他的工作很快演变成对传统小规模社群的研究。 他从新几内亚人奉行的生存法则中汲取了经验,并在现代社会和传统社会之间进行了对比。[/greybox]Sketchnote

[greybox]Jared Diamond는 파푸아 뉴기니에서 그의 연구에 관한 그의 자서전적 저서에 관하여 강연하였습니다. 저자는 대단히 흥미로운 세계를 이해하고 싶다는 말로 시작하였으나, 글은 곧 작은 전통사회 연구로 이어졌습니다. 저자는 파푸아 뉴기니의 삶의 규칙으로부터 교훈을 끌어내며 현대사회와 전통사회를 비교합니다.[/greybox]Sketchnote

[greybox]Jared Diamond deu uma palestra sobre seu livro autobiográfico acerca de seu estudo em Papua, Nova Guiné. Ele começou tentando compreender aquele mundo fascinante, mas o trabalho logo se transformou em estudos de pequenas comunidades tradicionais. Ele tira lições das regras nova guineenses e compara as sociedades moderna e tradicional.[/greybox]Sketchnote

[greybox]Jared Diamond氏の講演は、パプアニューギニアに関する自身の研究をまとめた自伝的著書を説明するものだった。彼の研究は非常に興味をそそられるパプアニューギニアの世界を理解したいという思いで始められたが、じきに伝統的な小群落の研究へと変わっていったことを語り、ニューギニアで生活していくルールから得られた教訓をまとめ、現代社会と伝統社会を比較検討した。[/greybox]Sketchnote

[greybox]Jared Diamond dio una charla sobre su libro autobiográfico que trata sobre su estudio en Papúa, Nueva Guinea. Comenzó con la intención de comprender el fascinante mundo, pero su trabajo se transformó rápidamente en el estudio de pequeñas comunidades tradicionales. En él muestra lecciones de las conductas de las personas de Nueva Guinea y compara las sociedades modernas con las tradicionales. [/greybox]