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Lessons Learned (Issue 1.2)

Magazine cover
Summer 2002

  • Design for the Next Wave: Wearable Computers
    Forget Armani–the newest fashion statement may come from a computer manufacturer.
    By Michelle Yeh
  • Not Remotely Entertaining
    An interactive TV user experience can be a sadly frustrating tale. Here’s how design teams can create a happy ending.
    By Sue Braun
  • Computer Crazy: Questionable Experience
    Is there a better way to predict users’ initial experience with a home PC? The Ease of Use Roundtable has a plan.
    By Elise M. Lind and Susan Michalak
  • Lessons Learned: Looking at Both Sides
    What one usability professional’s experience as a development manager taught him–and how it could benefit you.
    By Chauncey E. Wilson
  • The Big Dig: Mining Nuggets of Value
    Here’s how to design a search interface to meet your users’ needs.
    By Scott and Michelle Lee McDaniel
  • Straight Talk
    A look at our interaction with new technologies.
    By Richard Thieme