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Usable Voting (Issue 4.1)

Magazine cover
4.1 | Spring 2005
Usable Voting

Some articles in this issue are available in Acrobat PDF format. If you would like an accessible version, please let us know.

  • Automobile Usability (two articles, PDF: 324Kb)
    • Driving Design
      Creating Simple Interfaces for Complex Cars.
      By Carl F. Smith, L. Ricardo Prada, and Mohammad T. Rahman
    • And Now for Something Completely Different…
      Recent Research into Vehicle Interfaces.
      By Bernard Champoux
  • It’s All in the Eye of the User (pdf: 188Kb)
    How Eye Tracking Can Help Answer Usability Questions.
    By Agnieszka Bojko and Abigail Stephenson
  • A Day of Poll Watching (pdf: 315Kb)
    Reno and Sparks, Nevada.
    By Ted Selker
  • On the Ground
    Voting Observations During the U.S. Presidential Election
    Collected by the UPA Voting and Usability Project
  • The View from Here
    Congressman Rush Holt on Voting and Usability
  • Book Review: When Geeks & Suits Collide
    Review of Leading Geeks By Paul Glen.
    Reviewed by Charlie Kreitzberg
  • Editors’ Note: Sweet Sorrow
    By Charlie Kreitzberg, Founding Editor
  • Onward And Upward
    By Aaron Marcus, Editor-In-Chief