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Choosing the Right Research Method: Easy as A, B, C

Choosing the right research methods means doing what makes sense given the questions and the constraints. Start with a simple discussion of ABCs:Attitude, Behavior, Comprehension.选择正确的研究方法也就是在特定的问题和限制条件下选择合理的研究方法。首先简单地讨论一下 ABC:态度 (Attitude)、行为 (Behavior)、理解力 (Comprehension)。적절한 연구…

Customer Councils: A Research Tool for Agile Development

Customer Councils help ensure quality user research in an Agile development culture. They provide both strategic insight and practical usability feedback throughout a project.客户委员会有助于确保在敏捷开发文化中实现高质量的用户研究。 客户委员会不但能够提供战略方面的洞察力,还能在整个项目中提供实际的可用性反馈。고객 위원회는 애자일 개발…

Engaging Users in Product Design: Bridging the Gap from Insight to Strategy

More researchers should partner with their users in targeted research and design activities to help bridge the gap between insight and strategy. 形成性研究方法(例如客户拜访)会产生大量丰富的数据,但团队通常缺乏足够的理解力和计划将发现转化为产品战略。顧客のアクセスといった形成的評価方法を用いると、大量の内容豊富なデータを得られるが、チームは往々にして得られた洞察から製品戦略を編み出すために十分な知識や計画を持っていない。