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Multiethnic group of people cooperating for environmental protection and sustainability in a park: they are supporting earth together, recycling waste, growing plants and choosing renewable energy resources
22.4 - Sustainability
Good contrast versus poor contrast.
Accessibility and Universal Design

Color Contrast: Infographics and UI Accessibility

Sufficient color contrast is a prerequisite for readable text and accessible websites, and visual contrast has a significant role in the updated Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 3.0). Unfortunately, contrast is often given secondary importance by designers in lieu of other design elements. This article discusses color contrast for text readability and user interface design, the criteria for minimum color contrast of varying sizes of text, and methods to verify and improve your color contrast ratio, including interactive tools.

EHR user interface with a customer list control.
User Interface Design

Schemas: Strategizing User Experience

Schemas inform people in performing the simplest tasks to entering data in complex systems such as Electronic Health Records. People use assimilation and accommodation to adapt schemas to new situations, but overreliance on users’ accommodation affects cognitive load and usability. Understanding schemas informs a strategic user experience that focuses on cognitive skills.

Customer Interaction examples
CX and Service Design

Building UX into Development: Create the Ultimate Customer Portal

A customer portal is more than just an add-on to a customer support team. Customer portals are like a second home to customers, helping them solve their problems on the go. User experience is crucial in designing a customer-centric portal and should be involved early in the development process.

Walter Emanuel, A Dog Day, Wikimedia Commons.
Career Development

Eating Our Own Dog Food: A Metacognitive Analysis of UX Unicorns

A poll of UX professionals shows an increasing number identify as both designers and researchers while the industry complains of a decline in the depth in UX practice. This article takes an in-depth look at the metacognitive processes used in each role and the ways in which they conflict with each other, which may reduce the effectiveness of performance.

The medical materials e-store interface before the start of design work.
User Interface Design

Non-Standardization: Design for the Swiss Health Service

Healthcare systems are reaching their limits now and are often on the verge of breaking down. A digital service with home care as its core value overcomes design challenges to offer patients improved user experience.