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23.1 Trust and Credibility
Career Development

Designing for Big Tech: Top Lessons from a Junior UX Designer at PayPal

A UX designer explores what it means to work as a junior designer at an influential big tech company. He shares his top four lessons learned from a two-year journey at PayPal™. Lessons include embracing the unhappy path in design, designing and collaborating in a fast-paced environment, balancing product design with product management, and learning continuously at the intersection of business, design, and technology.

Book Reviews

Designing for Conversations (Book Review)

A review of Conversations with Things by Diana Deibel and Rebecca Evanhoe details this indispensable guide to all things chat and voice. This book includes practical design guidelines and purposeful guidance on privacy and inclusion. Topics include talking like a person, basic and advanced design considerations, and guidelines for implementation.

Steps in a unified approach to building surveys for sentiment analysis.
User Research

Aggregating Insights: Survey Templates Build Cumulative Knowledge in Iterative Product Development

UX researchers often write bespoke surveys to evaluate each new product or feature set with users, resulting in duplicate work, slower launch cycles, and limited opportunities to compare user sentiment across different features. We developed a process at Google™ by creating feature-agnostic survey templates to evaluate all new features in a product space. Product teams can conduct meta-analyses on aggregated responses from previous launches to build a cumulative body of knowledge with deep insights.

CX and Service Design

Connecting UX and EX: Better Employee Experience

By viewing the employee experience (EX) through a user experience research and design lens, companies can constantly gather meaningful data to learn and make ongoing, iterative improvements to employees’ working experience, which significantly impacts employees’ lives and affects overall business performance.